October, 2019 

Joyce L. Barnett's recent interview with OG Publications's Marilyn Brown can be viewed by clicking the link below. Much appreciation to Marilyn Brown and all the OG Publications' Associates. 


July, 2019

P. Walton talks to Joyce L. Barnett, Author of ROSA'S BIG COMEBACK 

P. Walton: After reading your book, allow me to ask how much of it is autobiographical?

JLB: Fiction authors are often asked this question. There are bits and pieces of my own story, but the story is about any person who has ever hit rock bottom in life and wants to make a comeback. The 'intention' of the story is to bring this message.

P. Walton: Yes, taking action is critical. I saw this message throughout the entire book. In fact, Rosa wasn't one to cry much. Do you think most women would handle the situation as she did?

JLB: The thing is, she just didn't have time to feel sorry for herself. People who experience homelessness are like the gazelle. They know that if they don't want to be eaten alive, they need to start running when the sun comes up. This is part of an African parable, which I love. Rosa didn't have time to stick her head in the sand if she wanted to survive.

P. Walton: I like that. What inspired you to write the book in the first place?

JLB: In 2013, I worked as a Life Skills Instructor to homeless women in Washington, DC. A woman acquaintance of mine, opened a day program for women in homelessness and the working poor. My eyes became opened to a lot of things. I knew I wanted to get involved and shed light on this situation. I became exhausted holding conversations about it, and decided: " Why not write a story about it?"

P. Walton: Would you say that you are "teaching" us?

JLB:  Well, enlightenment brings knowledge. That's how we learn and come to understand something.

P.Walton: Will we see more of Rosa? This is a character I think could and "should" stay around awhile.

JLB: Rosa Brown will be here fora minute. There will also be a sequel to this book. As far as what happens, I'm not telling.

Joyce L. Barnett is an author, poet, and speaker. She is a former contributing writer to Odyssey Magazine (Louisville), and the publisher of The Heritage Line African Journal for seven years. Barnett resides in her hometown, Louisville, Kentucky.


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